Turn-key home renovation

You save buying fixer-uppers, we supervise the project

Why do I need home renovation management?

If you can rely on good renovation consultants and managers, buying a fixer-upper in the Italian Rivera can be very rewarding: it allows you to save on purchasing price and you can design your home just the way you want. We select for you the best renovation projects on the market of Portofino, Santa Margherita Ligure, Zoagli, Rapallo and we advocate for you and your project by hiring and managing the right people for your renovation job. We help with budget planning, design, vendor meetings, and/or material selection. With our management, renovating becomes easier and cheaper: we coordinate all aspects of the project and negotiate the best prices for you.

40 years experience and contacts in home renovation field

Contact person sending regular and quick whatsapp updates

Supervision on building site and 360° management

Translation of all cost estimates and docs involved

Our home renovation management services in 4 phases

1 – 360° research and selection of the best properties

  • First contact with the client.
  • Selection of the best homes available.
  • Pdf presentation showcasing the selection.
  • Tour of the area & home visits.
  • Professional consulting involving multiple professionals.
  • Constant monitoring of new listings.

 2 –  Purchasing consultancy and negotiation

  • Preliminary evaluation of the renovation project (if necessary).
  • Negotiation of terms and pricing.
  • Coordination of cadastral checks, field inspections and fiscal aspects.
  • Drafting of the offer to purchase.
  • Translation of contracts and relevant documents.
  • Contact and mediation with the notary’s office to evaluate all purchasing and fiscal 
  • Signing of the final deed.

3 – Renovation planning

  • Inspections as well as planning of renovations timeline and overall costs.
  • Research and referral of the most convenient 
architects, surveyors, construction companies and suppliers.
  • First draft of the new remodelling project.
  • Coordination and translation of all relevant docs and reports involved.
  • Negotiation of all cost estimates with translation.
  • Presentation of the new project before the local commission.

 4 – Customized after sale support

  • Management of all utility contracts, certifications and permits.
  • Coordination of renovations on site with weekly reports and pictures.
  • 2-3-monthly meetings to monitor renovation progress with the client.


Villa Cassiopea in Santa Margherita Ligure (before and after)

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